How can you play 10 hours of hockey in one day?

While it may sound crazy to a lot of people, playing 10 hours is challenging but not at all impossible (8am-6pm). Over the course of the day you will play a total of 8 games including playoffs. You will be on a team with 15 other players, so there will be a full squad with three lines giving you a nice break between shifts. There is also a flood in between each game, giving you a bit of time to catch your breath.

Will I be able to do it?

Sure you can!  If you have good hockey skills and average stamina you should have no problem finishing the 10 hours (and if you can’t we will have a first aid attendant standing by!).  Come on…suck it up!

How are the teams chosen?

Our HMOH Committee will select the teams to be as even as possible so no one team is getting walked on.  We are seeking to draft 4 equally matched squads for more fun and competition.  Trades can even be made after the 2nd game during the marathon to ensure parity.

Can I play on the same team as a friend?

Totally!  You are allowed to request up to 2 friends to play together and we’ll work hard to make that happen if possible.

Is there an age limit?

Age 16 with the skating ability to play with men.

Do we keep score?

Yes.  Team stats and individual stats will be kept.  So, games won, goals against, and goals and assists will be tallied with prizes will be given out to the marathon winners at the closing Gourmet Banquet.

Are there prizes?

Yes.  Prizes are awarded for the top 7 fundraisers!  That’s why we do the event.  Beyond that, hockey prizes are awarded for top individual point-getter, top goalie, shoot out champ, radar slap shot, most improved player and early registration draw.  Some of the prizes in the past have included NHL jerseys, hockey tickets, sticks, videos and paintings. Also, everyone will leave with a complimentary gift pack at the end of the Banquet.

Where does the money raised in the marathon go?

The money raised in the marathon will go toward the valuable work of Doing Family Right and Imani Orphan Care….two local organizations that are focused on bringing HOPE to families and kids.  All sponsors of the marathon will be issued a tax receipt for donations of $50 or more from our parent organization: The Great Commission Foundation.

How does a hockey player raise a minimum of $1,000?

Since we ask that you donate $250 yourself, you will only have $750 more to raise.  That breaks down to getting 15 people to sponsor you for $50 to reach the minimum.  But don’t stop there; keep it going to create a bigger influence and get a shot at the prizes.  You can do it!  Once registered, the Player Info Package will give you all the ideas, tips and guidance you’ll need to be successful.

What if I don’t raise $1,000?

There will be a waiting list of players who have their money raised.  Registered players who are unable to reach the minimum of $1000 will forfeit their spot in the marathon.  Making a difference is the key!  The fabulous, celebrity hockey event is the amazing bonus!

I am ready, how do I sign up?

The marathon is on a first come – first serve basis.  You can phone or email us to let us know your intentions, however you will not be officially registered until we receive your registration form.  Once we receive your form you will be contacted and sent a player information package which includes fund-raising information.  You should mail the signed Hockey Marathon of Hope Registration Form to us as soon as possible!