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Fundraising Ideas

Burgers and Beer Night
This one is pretty easy to plan out and gives you great return…Lots of local pubs will have an option for this!The Details: the pub will give you a cost for what the charge for the dinner per person and then will set a price for the ticket. For example, if dinner cost $10 sell the ticket for $20. 

The Extra’s: Why not run a silent auction, 50/50 or a raffle for a bigger prize? (just make sure the place you choose has a gambling license!) 

Invite all you know plus their friends–BBQ season is right around the corner so get planning 😉


Neufeld Farms Fundraising
The Details: take advantage of their fundraising options which include taking meat orders and cookies! Ask those you know what they want from the list of things they give you and you get a percentage back. 

The Extras: Sell it! Let them know that if they buy their groceries from you, it goes to help both Imani, and Doing Family Right :)

The Details: Get 3 items (donated or supplied), grab some raffle tickets from the dollar store and you are set to go!You can also do cash prizes with this one. For instance,if you have 100 tickets and sell them for $20 each. You could do cash prizes. (1 gets $750 2 gets $250 3 Gets $100. you make $900)
The Extras: Make the raffle a “big deal” by reaching out on social media, updating people on your progress, and when you do the draw, film it and post it on Facebook after—it can raise awareness and promote all in one!


The Email Campaign! 
We get it, you are busy! So Geoff did up these fantastic email templates for you to send out (make sure you personalize and change it to fit your fundraising message/needs). 

The Details: All you have to do is log into your participant centre and pick a suggested email message to start with. Just remember to send them out and change the numbers and names to your own–reach out to anyone and everyone! 

The Extras: Make it personal-touch base with these people when you do see them face to face. Follow up with them, and don’t hesitate to talk about the causes it is going to (and as a bonus direct them to our Facebook Page so they can stay up to date 😉 )